Hello and Welcome,

I am currently completing my graduate studies at the University Of Maryland School
Of Social Work with an emphasis on macro employee assistance programs. I expect to
receive my MSW degree in May 2011. I have benefited from having lived and studied
in Austrian and Germany for several years and am fluent in both English and German.

My interest in the field of employee assistance is derived from the concept of providing
preventative services in the areas of mental and physical health, thereby focusing more
on positive psychology than on pathology. In my graduate internships I have focused on
the services EAPs can offer in both macro and mezzo work environments. Specifically,
my emphasis has been on program management, organizational development, coaching
and workforce consultation.

My goal is to stay flexible in a dynamic and rapidly changing field. I will continue to
educate myself in current best practices and to seek out opportunities to test them in
real world situations. From an adaptive perspective I hope to explore how the current
economic crisis can serve as a testing ground for managing workplace change and
ensuring a productive workforce for the future.